1. How is Home Staging different to Interior Design?

Home Staging is the presentation of a property for sale, creating appeal to the broadest market so it sells quickly and for more money. Techniques involve de-cluttering, cleaning, repairs, re-arranging existing or renting furniture and accessories so a buyer can imagine themselves living in your home. Home Staging maximises appeal at minimum cost and is a must if you want to stand out from the competition.

Residential Interior Design is a more in-depth process designed for an individual or household. It focuses on the function of a home as well as the aesthetics and may be highly personal in design.

2. How much does Home Staging cost?

The cost of staging a home depends on the level of work that’s required to transform a property and how involved the homeowner is. Other factors are the size, condition and value of the home. The majority of homes can be transformed on a smaller budget than you might think and we know where to spend and save.

A 2 hour Consultation may be all that’s required to transform a home if existing furnishings and accessories can be used. We know which changes will bring maximum return and call on trade professionals and suppliers to transform and decorate your home.

A Consultation is relatively inexpensive, whilst renting furniture increases the cost to around 1.5% of the asking price. The price for rental furniture includes delivery, assembly, rental, disposal of packaging and collection of items.

3. Why would you stage a home in a seller’s market?

Staging a home increases its appeal to buyers, which can push the price up by attracting multiple offers.

4. Why would you stage a home in a buyer’s market?

When there are more homes available than buyers it’s more important to make your property stand out from the crowd. Buyers are in a stong position and are more likely to put in lower offers or choose the most appealing house.

5. Why can’t my Agent help me stage my home?

Your Agent may recommend generic strategies for presenting your home, but their expertise is valuing, marketing and selling your property. We visit your home and provide a bespoke and in-depth analysis of your property and it’s furnishings, taking into consideration your circumstances and the many external factors. The wow factor created by staging a home comes from our design skills and ability to combine interior and lifestyle trends with buyer requirements.

6. Could I stage my own home?

There are many changes you can make yourself but staging your own home is difficult because you no longer notice problems and may assume others appreciate your belongings and style. We combine objective and constructive feedback with design skills and interiors knowledge to make your home appeal to buyers. We know where to spend and save and which changes provide the best rate of return.

7. Why don’t buyers focus on the property rather than my furniture and belongings?

The vast majority of buyers are only influenced by what they see and can’t imagine themselves in a space if it’s cluttered, dated and not to their taste. Very often initial house requirements are not met because a buyer falls in love with a home and shifts their priorities in favour of the house with the right feel.

8. Why should I furnish an empty home?

Renting furniture and accessories is a prudent investment when selling a vacant property as it helps potential buyers envisage living in the space. Empty rooms appear smaller and are only as good as a buyer’s imagination. Developers dress show homes for sale, as beautiful and desirable homes have a greater perceived value and appeal. Unfurnished homes highlight blemishes as the potential buyer has nothing else to look at. Staging costs are relatively low considering the value they add to a home.

9. Why would I spend money on a property I’m leaving?

If you spend in the right areas, your investment will more than be repaid. The majority of today’s buyers are busy people who want ‘move in ready’ houses, so homes that require updating generally attract low offers and limit your target market. You’ve got to speculate to accumulate! If you’re not interested in fixing problems, likely your buyer won’t be either.

10. It all sounds too good to be true, so why have I never heard of Home Staging before?

Home Staging is a small but growing service in the UK and forward thinking sellers are taking advantage of our expertise to gain competitive advantage and cash in when selling. You wouldn’t attend an interview without dressing professionally and preparing answers to impress the interviewer. The same applies when selling your property and today’s buyers have high expectations and a strong position because supply exceeds demand.

11. Are you a qualified Home Stager?

Sarah Edmonds is a Graduate of the Staging Diva® Home Staging Training Programme and is studying Interior Design with the prestigious KLC School of Design, London.

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