Home Organising

An organised home feels more spacious, functions well, cleans more easily and is a joy to live in… 

  • Is clutter taking over your life and making your home feel smaller?
  • Do you want to have friends over, but feel embarrassed by the chaos?
  • Are you feeling daunted by the size of the task and don’t know where to start?
  • Do you need an objective eye and some moral support to kick start the change?
  • Are you wondering what’s going to happen to your things?

With my simple method I can help you effectively sort through your things and feel in control of your own home. You will need to be involved in the process, which may seem overwhelming, but you’ll be delighted with the results and feel a real sense of achievement. It’s not uncommon after de-cluttering to feel as if you’ve moved into a new and bigger home. 

Once we’ve organised your home, you’ll want to keep it that way, so I provide advice on how to keep your home and it’s contents under control.

If you’d simply like advice about de-cluttering or someone to motivate you into taking action, we can arrange a Consultation at your home to help you get started.  

Consultation £225

Contact Sarah at sheDECO for more information or to book your Home Organising Consultation today…

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